Training Centre

Adult education courses and trainings have been organised since 2002. We hope that people will notice the natural world around them and will be open to new experiences and knowledge, which in turn will enrich our surrounding environment. Our experienced instructors use creative and inventive teaching methods to facilitate learning.

Courses are open to all adults who are interested in nature-related and environmental topics. We also offer special training courses intended for teachers or office workers. It is also possible to order a unique training according to your own wishes. All our courses are based on approved curricula:


  • the ABCs of nature and outdoor-based education,
  • flower arrangements, natural remedies,
  • museums nature course,
  • the ABCs of the environment,
  • practical works in physical geography,
  • practical gardening and landscaping,
  • environment and nature conservation legislation,
  • environmental project planning and management,
  • photography,
  • art and nature,
  • mushroom and plant identification,
  • sustainable home and office,
  • research training for assisting in primary schools and high schools.


See you in the (outdoor) classroom!

Krista Tomson, education manager