Summer exhibitions in Tartu Nature House

Tartu Nature House is a small green oasis in the middle of the city. A beautiful park surrounds the centre, where visitors can familiarise themselves with different educational trails, a beaver dam meant for humans, gardens, a viewing platform and children’s play area.

The innovative and sustainably built house works as environmental education centre, hobby school and a visitors centre. At the heart of the building is the winter garden where you’ll find various exotic plant species, as well as tortoises.

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Admission tickets:
September – May  3 eur/2 eur/10 eur
June – August = 5 eur/3 eur/13 eur

Opening hours: Mo – Fri 10 – 18


Our summer exhibitions 2022

  • Pollination Investigation

In the park in front of the house visitors can find 14 posters with interesting information about different pollinators for example bees, butterflies, beetles etc. who are vital elements in our ecosystems. Did you know that birds and small mammals also are classified as pollinators? Pollinators are a huge part of our everyday life.  It is important to pay attention to our surroundings and understand it. More we know and learn, the more we notice and discover new things around us. James Gagliardi who is an American botanist has created the the posters based on Smithsonian Gardens. The exhibition is in english, estonian and russian. 

  • Photo exhibition “Butterflies”

In the hall there is a small photo exhibition about butterflies. Author of the photographs is Marje Loide who is a biologist-botanist. In her free time she likes to go hiking. Different seasons have different faces and through photography she likes to show it to other people too. She likes to take photos of insects and in the wintertime of the frozen ice flowers on the windows. On early mornings, nature has a different feeling and energy. Everything starts to wake up and with the sun rising and fog starting to disappear.  Birds are singing and bugs and other animals are starting to move around. This is the best time to capture it all in the photos. 

  • Haabjas – Estonian Expanded Dugout Boat

In the lobby there is an exhibition about Estonian Expanded Dugout Boat. The expanded dugout boat is a canoe-like boat made by hollowing out a single tree, usually aspen, with expanded sides and a shallow base. Until the 1960s, the boats were used for daily transport on rivers and fishing but now their use has changed and become more recreational. These boats that are displayed in our lobby are made by Aivar Ruukel and Soomaa national park cultural heritage specialist Sandra Urvak.

The building and use of expanded dugout tree boats in Estonia’s Soomaa region was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding list. Read more >>