Green Office

Since the beginning we have valued protecting nature and foresight. In 2015 we begun a methodical approach to grow our green office. Green office is an informal environmental management system where we analyse our impact on the environment and act in an environmentally friendly manner.

In 2017 Tartu Nature House passed The Estonian Association for Environmental Managemenet’s external audit to apply for a green office certificate. The green office certificate proves that Tartu Nature House employees follow the principles of sustainability in providing a healthy work environment, using natural resources as well as in arranging procurement and purchases. The certificate is valid for three years, until December 2020, after when a new audit is required.

For our business to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, we follow these principles

  • Learn to understand connections between men and Earth.
  • Continuously analyse the environmental effects of our actions.
  • Set goals to minimise the environmental effects of our actions; follow them jointly and improve them regularly.
  • Share knowledge about the environmental effects of our actions and our ecological footprint.
  • Encourage students, visitors and partners to act responsibly and economising natural resources.
  • Teach how to notice and care in order to sustain.


For more information contact the green office coordinator: Eeva Kirsipuu-Vadi,