Birthdays and Events

Birthdays for kids

Exciting and educational birthday programs for children of all ages If you are looking for a special and memorable place to organize a child´s birthday party, then Tartu Nature House is the right choice. Tartu Nature House organizes birthdays for kids. We have exciting and educational birthday programs for children aged 4-16 years old. We […]

Birthdays for Adults

Tartu Nature House can host both small and a large scale party. In putting the program together we are flexible about our client’s interests and wishes so we’ll find the best solution for celebration the memorable occasion. We offer adults the chance to choose the most agreeable party space for them – the Nature House auditorium, […]

Birthdays and Events

Tartu Nature House offers an opportunity to celebrate both children’s as well as adults’ birthdays in an environmental way.

There are multiple party rooms. Larger parties can make use of the auditorium, for children’s birthdays we offer the kitchen together with the lecture room. We use the rental income to fund children’s nature related educational activities.

NB! Tutvu kindlasti ürituse korraldaja meelespeaga.

Kids Holiday Parties

We offer companies, institutions and groups of friends an opportunity to have a family friendly Christmas party with games and a Santa in Tartu Nature House! Christmas programme starts with educational and heartwarming family performance “List”. This story binds joy, sorrow and patience with curiosity, diligent fatigue and shyness. A little girl finds herself in […]


It is possible to have weddings both with or without a reception in Tartu Nature House. You can book the entire house or specific rooms according to your needs. The park area of ​​the house allows you to register your marriage in the fresh air. In case of bad weather, the ceremony can take place […]