Exciting outdoor games

If all the other attractions in Tartu Nature House and its Park have already been tried out and you are looking for more fun activities for your family and friends then we have new and exciting outdoor games for you to rent and enjoy! There are a variety of games that require active movement and puzzling, suitable for both children and adults, for picnics and small outdoor workouts.

The game selection includes:

  • Different throwing games
  • Nature House “Twister”
  • Good old chinese jump rope
  • Fun with hula hoops
  • A match game for puzzles
  • “Tic-Tac-Toe”
  • Jumbo “Jenga”
  • Badminton rackets (coming soon)
  • Jumbo Dominoes (coming soon)
  • A game of “4 In a Row” (coming soon)



Game set (1-3 games according to the request of the lender ) 5€

1 game included in the ticket price for family and house ticket buyers

*Games can be rented on the basis of a valid identification document for up to 2 hours. Games are to be used in the park area of a Tartu Nature House!

Open hours in summer: Tue-Fri 10-18; Sat 11-16