Baltic Sea Project’s WebQuiz

The UNESCO Baltic Sea Project’s WebQuiz is an annual event organized by the UNESCO Associated Schools Baltic Sea Project since 2013.

Every year over a thousand students from nine different countries around the Baltic Sea take part in it. By participating in the Quiz the students can improve their knowledge about the Baltic Sea ecosystems, environmental awareness and understanding of sustainable development. Also build critical thinking skills, testi online information searching skills and learn English. The WebQuiz can be done as part of a Natural Science class or English class at school, also as a part of home schooling or distance learning program. The questions are created by the teachers, coordinators, international science centers and co-operation partners of the project. The last years’ questions and answers can be found here.

All students from age 10 to 19 years old and living in the Baltic Sea region are welcome to participate, although prizes are only given to the best of the Baltic Sea Project network’s schools.

The quiz is organized by Tartu Nature House (Estonian BSP coordinator) and funded by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.


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The Baltic Sea WebQuiz of 2020 is ready for students all over Baltic Sea region to participate!

Download the A3 poster for dissemination from here.

This year the questions are in three age groups:

  • 10-13 years: 30 minutes, 5 questions
  • 13-16 years: 45 minutes, 8 questions
  • 16-19 years: 60 minutes, 10 questions


The Baltic Sea WebQuiz in open until the 15th of December.

The Baltic Sea WebQuiz 2020 can be found HERE


Additional information:

  1. You need computer with headphones and video possibility, good Internet connection, and some research skills.
  2. You can only take the test once because we will count your first entry.
  3. The quiz is in English and meant for students from 10 to 19 years with good English skills.
  4. Teachers may also take the quiz but should mark (*teacher) behind their name.
  5. The international prizes will be given out in January 2021. Some national prizes may also be pointed to some students.


Have fun learning about the Baltic Sea and the environment!


More information and feedback:

Gedy Matisen

National BSP coordinator in Estonia


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