Eco-schools global

Eco-school global programme brings environmentally friendly thought to school’s everyday activities and helps to implement it fully and methotically. It helps to shape responsible and environmentally minded people.

The objective is to help form a new generation of environmentally minded people. They are the people who will decide what kind of world we will live in and how Earth’s resources will be used.

In addition to Estonia, 63 countries have joined the Eco-school global programme as well as 59 000 educational institutions.

Learn more about Eco-school global programme from this video.

To join Eco-school global you must follow these steps:

  • learn about Eco-school global programme and decide who will be the leader of your group
  • fill in an application
  • sign it digitally
  • send it to the coordinator of the programme (

Participating in the program costs 15 euros an academic year.

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