Workshops for Children

Tartu Nature House offers fun workshops for children that are useful for developing creativity, manual actions and introduce young nature fans to the exciting world of nature and science.

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NEW! We have two new workshops for sweet tooths:

Sweet Tooths Birthday: Let’s Make Our Own Ice Cream! Scientific workshop for sweet tooths. We will be making ice cream based on both the nitrogen method and the dry ice method. More INFO.
Sweet Tooths Birthday: Vitamin Candy Workshop! In our vitamin candy workshop the participants learn how to make healthy sugar free candy. More INFO.


Workshop Descriptions

4-7 y/o 7-9 y/o 10-16 y/o
Lab workshop “Swim or sink?” Easy and effective experiments for children. The subject is different substances and their attributes. Children can do experiments themselves. *
Bird shaped paper kite We will be recycling paper from which we’ll craft a kite that will fly in the wind, using glueing and cutting techniques. *
Animal shaped fridge magnets We will be crafting fun animal shaped magnets from plaster casts. * * *
Slef watering flower pot with a plant In this workshop we will be crafting self watering flower pots from plastic bottles. Children can plant seeds to watch them grow at home or plant a herb or a houseplant. There will be a discussion on different parts of plants and what it needs in order for it to grow. * *
Volcano lab We will be discussing what exactly is a volcano, what happens inside of it and how ash is formed. Each child gets to do an experiment. * * *
Wooden keychain In crafting the keychain, we will be using small wooden cubes and different recycled materials: ribbons, buttons, pearls etc. * *
Photo accessories In this workshop we will be crafting different animal parts (noses, eyes, ears etc.) from paper. Children get to take fun photos with their crafts in the conservatory. * *
Bubble blower We eill be crafting a bubble blower and mixing bubble liquid to make big bubbles. Bubbling will take place outside! * *
Microscope lab Interesting and fun workshop where we discover the fascinating world of insects with the help of a microscope. *