New summer exhibition “Fathers and Sons” is open!

This summer Tartu Nature House hosts the exhibition “Fathers and Sons“ which concentrates on fathers as caregivers in the animal and plant kingdom!

The exhibition is divided into several major themes and offers something to visitors of all ages. In addition to the roles of fathers in raising their offspring, the exhibition makes complex topics such as genetics and reproduction more understandable. The cellular level is also under observation – with the help of moulages and games, an otherwise invisible world is opened to the eye to better understand conception and heredity.

The focus of the exhibition “Fathers and Sons” are the fathers in the animal and plant kingdom, their association with their descendants, the duration of their generations and the future of the species. “Paternal care in nature has been given very little attention and the importance of fathers is generally rather underestimated, yet it is vital to the continuation of the species,” says Lennart Lennuk, curator of the orginal exhibition.

The visitor will see shining examples of Estonian species that prove that fatherhood occurs in many animal groups, but also colorful examples of males with no paternal care. The exhibition also finds out what kind of fathers are for example wolves, bears and stickleback fish, and what role they play in raising their offspring.

Several exhibits offer playful activities where visitors can test their skills and knowledge. You can find the right nests for different species of birds and lead a grain of pollen on its journey to the right destination, try to build a nest yourself or try your hand at the game of determining the sex of a bird, mammal, insect and plant.

The exhibition is created by the Estonian Museum of Natural History. All texts are in estonian, english and russian.


The exhibition is open until the 28th of August

Mon-Fri 10am-18pm

Ticket: full ticket 5€/discount ticket 3€/family ticket 13€

fathers and sons