Exotic World of Herbs and Spices

Discover the hidden world of exotic herbs and spices in Tartu Nature House

Exotic plants which smell, taste and sound familiar to us can be found in the  conservatory of Tartu Nature House. There is an exotic world of herbs and spices. In the spice laboratory, we can find out what these plants look like, what their country of origin is and how to use them. As always in the laboratory, we look at smaller objects under a microscope and test our other senses in a recognition game. In the experimental part of our laboratory program, we mix together herbal salt. You can try its taste properties cooking at home.

Duration of the workshop: ∼ 1 hour

Price: 12 people 202€

A larger group of people can also participate in the workshop of exotic world of herbs and spices. The workshop has to be booked in advance.

Additional information and booking: syndmused@tartuloodusmaja.ee