Take a break and visit our virtual tour

Did you know it was possible to visit Tartu Nature House without leaving the comfort of your own home?

You can dive into our warm and colorful virtual tour between the walls of your very own home and discover the exciting corners of Nature House you’ve never seen before. Be sure to turn on your speakers when wandering around the conservatory!

Exhibition “Transparent Nature House” introduces the visitor almost everything found in the Nature House and its park through spherical pictures.

Information can be found on environmentally friendly building solutions, the Nature House principles of using, as well as on conservatory plants, animals, and the use of water and energy.

The exhibition will show just how a Nature House located in the center of Tartu uses solar energy, rainwater, cashmere goat wool, clay, and wood in a way that both cares for their visitors and nature.

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Tartu loodusmaja virtuaaltuur