Quiz: How well do you know European national and symbolic animals?

Welcome to the European national and symbolic animal quiz! 

Tartu Nature House invites all Estonian school pupils to participate in a quiz on knowing the national and symbolic animals of European countries.

Europe is a continent composed of several different countries, each with its own language and culture, so there is no singular national animal. Instead, individual countries have chosen their own national and symbolic animals. To prepare for the Quiz you can get acquianted to them we have prepared a list of the animals for you. Have a look at the list before taking the Quiz >>

The rules are simple: 

  • Each participant can choose their own level to answer. You can choose higher but not lower level.
  • There is a certain time frame when the Quiz is open. It is from 14th February to 28th February.
  • You can take the Quiz several times. But you will get points only for your fist submitted Quiz.
  • You need headphones or speakers for Grade 4 – 12 Quiz. It will have some audio clips.
  • If you have some problems with quiz write to pilleriin.parnsalu@tartuloodusmaja.ee

Take the Quiz and test you knowledge! 

Grade 1 – 3
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Grade 4 – 6
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Grade 7 – 12
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Prizes for the smartest participants!
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