NOT out of sight, NOT out of mind”


Through 14 artworks made by artists from 9 countries, the WasteArt project and travelling exhibition “NOT out of sight, NOT out of mind” invite you to look at the waste differently – as a material, resource and opportunities for the future! Tartu Nature House is hosting the exhibition 16.08-25.10.2019 and is open for all visitors during the opening hours. Entrance is with the house ticket. 

The co-curator of the project Indrek Grigor describes the garbage catastrophe that the human kind is facing as a result of waste being something that is not talked about in polite companies. It is part of our daily lives, but yet we try to pretend as if it’s not there. “The majority of us perceive our garbage bin as a black hole, whatever is thrown into it has not only vanished from our households, it is believed to have left the realm of human liability”. There are no easy solutions for complex problems. As an individual facing corporate economy driven consumer culture and industrial waste production, one can feel lost and the situation may seem hopeless. One of the solutions the exhibition in this situation suggests, according to Grigor, is to be selfish about waste. You should consume less and reuse more, “But do it to save money, not the planet. It’s like quitting smoking. You save yourself and everything else is collateral “damage””, summarizes Grigor.

Participating artists:
Varvara & Mar Canet (EE)
Jacob Kirkegaard (DK)
Marta Moorats (EE)
Kiwa (EE)
Ansis Starks (LV)
André Avelãs (NL/PT)
“The Laboratory of Microclimates”
Annechien Meier & Gert-Jan Gerlach (NL)
Johanna Lohrengel (DE) & Gatis Kreicbergs (LV)
Ieva Krūmiņa (LV)
Geraldine Juárez (SE/MX)
Justin Tyler Tate (CA)
Willem Boel (BE)
Timo Toots (EE)
Elena Redaelli (NO)

Waste Art exhibition at Tartu Nature House


The exhibition is a part of the project WasteArt No. Est-Lat 65, which is funded by ERDF Interreg V-A Estonia-Latvia Cross-Border Programme, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Latvia and project partners. Materials for the exhibition were provided by the Landfill “Daibe”, Swedbank Estonia and local communities in Latvia and Estonia.