Mushroom exhibition in Tartu Nature House 22.-25.09.2020

The traditional autumn mushroom exhibition of Tartu Nature House will take place again on September 22-25!

In the main hall of the Nature House, there is a selection of mushrooms from our forests, meadows, parks and lodges in South Estonia for admiration and acquaintance. The mushroom exhibition is supplemented every day with new exciting species, and every day from 2 pm there is also a mushroom expert from the Natural History Museum, who answers questions about mushrooms and, if possible, helps to identify the mushrooms brought by visitors. In the small mushroom laboratory you can get acquainted with the mycelium, spore leaves and tubes and animals living in fungi, in addition you can get acquainted with the life of mushrooms at the stand exhibition. Mushrooms growing in the park of the nature house are also marked during the exhibition.

For schools and kindergartens, we offer pre-registration mushroom-themed study programs that go through an exhibition inside or outside the instructor, fill out worksheets and visit a mushroom laboratory.

Mushroom exhibition “Fungime!” 22.-25.09.2019
Tartu Nature House, Lille 10
9:00 -18: 00

• Mushrooms from the forests of Southern Estonia
• A small mushroom laboratory
• Introduction to mushroom life on stands
• Consultation of mushroom specialists every day 14-18
• Marked mushrooms in the park of the nature house


TICKET: Adults 2 €, preschoolers and Tartu Nature House hobby school students free of charge.

NB! Every day until 4 pm, the visit load of the exhibition is higher, because school groups visit the exhibition. The visitor load is lower between 16.30 and 18.00. Upon request, guests can purchase a disposable mask from the information desk.

The mushroom exhibition is supported by the Environmental Investment Center.


Additional information:

Liina Vakrööm
project manager