A new boardgame helps to introduce the biota of lake Peipsi to children

Under the leadership of Tartu Nature House a board game has been completed. It is called “Game of Lake Peipsi” and was completed within the Estonian-Russian cooperation project “GreenMind”.

Kindergartens near Lake Peipsi can use it to get to know the plants growing near Lake Peipsi and the animals, fish and birds living there. During the game, you will learn about the various dangers and sources of pollution that affect the health of Lake Peipsi. The game is designed as a helpful learning tool for preschool age children. It introduces the biota of Lake Peipsi and creates a good ground to discuss about environmental protection themes.

The board game set includes:

  • instructions on the boardgame box
  • board game base
  • wooden dice
  • playing cards (5 themes x 12 picture cards)
  • a book with additional information and descriptions

The game will be distributed to kindergartens near Lake Peipsi on the basis of a distribution plan created by the project manager. Selected kindergartens will be contacted.

Author of the idea: Ülle Kaasik
Instructions and map descriptions: Elo Hermann, Ülle Kaasik, Eeva Kirsipuu-Vadi
Language editor: Heli Saar
Design and implementation: Elo Hermann, Marge Nelk / loovlood.com


The board game was completed within the activities of the “GreenMind” project, which is funded by the Estonian-Russian cross-border cooperation program 2014-2020 and co-financed by the Environmental Investment Center.

Project coordinator
Eelika Laane-Hannus
E-Mail: eelikalaane@gmail.com