“Energy Saving Advice Across Borders” (Energy Advice)

Project “Energy Saving Advice Across Borders” (Energy Advice) is based on a goal to create cross-border awareness raising campaigns on Energy saving benefits to promote in-depth understanding of energy saving and energy efficiency issues. The project objective will be achieved by organising technically creative workshops for Latvian and Estonian primary school pupils (6th-9th grade) and a cross-border educational competition on energy saving. All information materials, workshops and exhibits developed within the project are very valuable outputs and will be used after the project ends. The activities can be replicated on next year primary school pupils. Wider and deeper understanding of resource efficiency is also the key target result of the project.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

1) Activate and motivate pupils (6th-9th grade) of Estonia-Latvia region, receiving at least 50 applications (from both countries in total) for the Energy Advice educational competition.

2) Increase awareness of people in terms of resource efficiency


The main planned activities:

1) Project management;

2) Joint cross-border marketing campaign for spreading project messages, attracting participants to the Energy Advice competition and raising overall awareness about the cooperation project;

3) Organisation of educational competition Energy Advice for pupils (grade 6th-9th grade) and selection of participants, organisation of technically creative workshops on energy saving to educate and promote intended educational campaign, development of 2 mobile, interactive exhibits and a mascot/character for the cross-border informative and educational campaign.

The main results:

1) At least 50 applications from Estonia – Latvia pupils’ teams (2-3 participants);

2) Technically creative workshops on energy saving at least to 3500 pupils (6th-9th grade) in Estonia-Latvia area;

3) Development of 2 interactive and mobile exhibits to help increase pupils’ awareness of energy saving;

4) 2 Energy Advice mascots for local and cross-border informative and educational campaign activities;

5) 3 motivational awards for the competition finalists’ schools.

Total budget of the project:

259,720.80 EUR

Implementation period:

24 months

Project partners:

Latvia: Ventspils High Technology Park

Estonia: Tartu Environmental Education Centre