TNH International Club

Information about the kick-off events down below

The idea of “International Club” started with a vision of a comfortable place for young adults (Age 18-26) to gather and exchange their experiences. Even though there are a number of foreign students in Tartu there aren’t many places that promote environmental education which is where International Club steps in. The club welcomes both local estonians and foreigners living in Tartu to create a cross-cultural environmental discussion.

Through Club activities we will give young adults the opportunity to:

  • come and listen to different lecturers;
  • find like minded people to share their ideas with;
  • give presentations about the topics they find the most important;
  • find and write projects to reach more people;
  • take part in tours around Tartu city;
  • learn how to become more environmentally friendly;
  • take part or lead different events;
  • give their input about Club activities and lecture themes.

International Club will take place once a month and the dates might vary depending on the month and activities.



This year we took part in a Pick-Up project held by ANK (Eesti Avatud Noortekeskuste Ühing) and British Council to raise money for our Club events. Thanks to them we can now have 4 differents events throughout october and november to kick-start the International Club.





All the information about the events can be found here on our homepage and on our Facebook page. Pre-registration is necessary for all events to be able to participate. The events will take place at Tartu Nature House with the exeption of the hike on the 31st of october.

Please, only participate when you are in full health to prevent endangering others. We will have to ask people with symptoms to leave.

Game night | 22. October 2020 | 15:00 – 21:00 |
D&D max 6 and Board games max 30 people

  • From 15.00 till 21.00 we will introduce and play the fantasy tabletop role-playing game “Dungeons & Dragons“. Participating in this workshop requires all participants to take part the whole time! The dungeon master is Boris Pakk.
  • From 17.00 till 21.00 we will play different board and puzzle games to get to know each other better.  This workshop is open access and you can join in any time. The game master is Liisgren Pärnsalu.

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Halloween hike | 31. October 2020 | The whole day | Max 13 people







Prepare your scary costume for the role-playing Halloween hike (10 km) along the Kiidjärve-Taevaskoja trail. Enjoy the autumn weather while solving mysterious puzzles, learning about Estonian nature and
customs during different Halloween-related days.

Be quick to register, because a maximum of 13 people can join the horrific festivities. The expedition guide is Gedy Matisen.

Detailed info will be sent to participants after registration by e-mail.

Facebook event

Upcycling workshop | 13. November 2020 | 16:00 – 19:00 | Max 20 people







Participants (max 20 people) will be divided into two smaller working groups to attend a sewing workshop and a movie which addresses the damage caused by the food and textile industry. The sewing workshop instructor Pille-Riin Pärnsalu will teach participants how to sew their own fruit bags and talk about recycling and upcycling. We want to raise awareness of these problems among participants, and arouse the curiosity to elaborate about possible solutions.

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Cooking class | 17. November 2020 | 17:00 – 21:00 | Max 15 people







International House chef Iman will walk us through some exciting recipes that we will be able to recreate later on. We will have a discussions about zero waste cooking as well as the meaning and importance of fair trade labels. While establishing a strong link between health, nutrition and safety, we aim to instruct participants in implementing sustainable ways of preparing, cooking and presenting tasteful recipes in their daily lives.


  • Cheese Pie
  • Muhammara Pie (roasted pepper and walnut dip filling)
  • Baklava (airy nut cake)

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The International Club was founded with the help of an European Solidarity Volunteer Jelisaveta Dzigurski and a Tartu Nature House worker Getrin Laanesoo.





If you have any interesting ideas for the Club activities or would like to help in other ways then let us know through the e-mail below.


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