Together Towards Improved Quality of Environmental Education (QualitE) 2024

Project name: Together Towards Improved Quality of Environmental Education (QualitE), Project No 2023-2-EE01-KA210-SCH-000185260.
Project supported by: Co-Funded by the European Union, through the ERASMUS+ General Education Small Projects Programme, with a contribution of € 60 000.

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Project duration: 01.01.2024 – 31.12.2024.
Project leader: Gedy Matisen,
Project partners: lead partner Tartu Nature House, cooperation partner Helsinki Recycling Centre (Pääkaupunkiseudun Kierrätyskeskus Oy).

Project objectives:

  • To create an overview of Estonian and Finnish environmental education quality assessment strategies and tools, to learn from each other’s experiences and to introduce jointly tested versions in institutions in order to raise the quality of environmental education provided.
  • Develop an interdisciplinary circular economy curriculum to support the national curriculum, to be offered by environmental education centres to schools to promote circular economy principles and sustainable practices in Europe and beyond.
  • Organise training trips and a web seminar to strengthen cooperation between Estonian and Finnish partners, focusing on education for sustainable development and the circular economy.

Expected results:

  • May 2024: The first common format of advanced quality assessment tools for environmental education programmes for Estonian and Finnish partners has been established. We will be guided by and cooperate with the environmental education quality systems developed by the Estonian Environmental Education Association and the Finnish Network of Nature and Environmental Schools (LYKE). We will organise an online preparatory course for 16 participants (8 from both organisations) in March and a training trip to Helsinki on 22-24 April, after which we have revised the existing tools and have made recommendations for improvement.
  • October 2024: We will organise a web-based preparatory course for 16 participants (8 from each organisation) and a training trip to Tartu on 23-25 September to test the advanced quality assessment tools in the piloting of the new circular economy programme. The circular economy programme incorporates student-engaging methods, emphasises sustainability, resource efficiency, the importance of waste reduction and introduces recycling solutions.
  • December 2024: A global webinar will be organised to share project results, experiences and lessons learned with a wider audience. The project materials will be translated into English, Estonian and Finnish and a comprehensive project summary will be produced for wider dissemination.
    Our objectives coincide with ERASMUS+ priorities, providing educators with essential tools: tools to assess the quality of their work, a circular economy curriculum and a supportive network for collaboration. These tools will support the professional development of educators to teach future generations how to preserve the environment and tackle climate change.

Project website:
The activities and their results will be reflected on the website of Tartu Nature House and on the website of the Finnish partner, as well as on the ERASMUS+ funded projects system.


Photos from the joint visit of Tartu Nature House and the Estonian Environmental Education Association to the Finnish partners on 22.-24. April 2024.