Possibilities to organise your  virtual event in Tartu Nature House 

Tartu Nature House has the necessary equipment which makes it possible to organize a virtual training or conference in our premises. For the smooth running of the event, we offer virtual studio, technical support and the possibility to stream or record what is happening, so that you can watch or share what you have recorded later.

We find suitable solutions and rooms for all special requests!

  • our large seminar room is well suited for virtual trainings and seminars
  • in the kitchen it is possible to organize some cooking training or record DIY cooking class video-clip
  • classrooms are well suited for a more private coaching session or workshops
  • in addition, we also have an exotic and green conservatory, which is ideal for video lectures, but why not also for virtual yoga classes

In addition to organizing your event safely and in an environmentally friendly way, you also support nature education activities for children and young people.



Technical overview:

  • The camera allows all participants in the call to see you and your colleagues clearly. With the PTZ function, you can move the camera lens to a speaker or other positions where needed.
  • Simple and versatile speaker with built-in OmniSound sound technology (clear and loud sound, both ways). You can control the sound from the touch screen on the speaker, and you can also save the conversation on a memory card.
  • Sound amplifier and additional microphones (handheld microphone, tie-down microphone)
  • Equipment needed to conduct the event (computers, media projector, etc.)
  • Room layout and decoration as desired
  • Fixed internet connection and wifi (speed up to 200 MBIT / S / 200 MBIT / S)
  • The conferencing technique is compatible with the application or platform that suits you.


We are experienced organizers of online trainings and seminars ourselves and we can give advice on how to organize a web event and what aspects to pay attention to.
Contact us and we will discuss your wishes and needs together.

We are responsive and flexible, and together we try to find the best solution.



Tel. 736 6120

The bright and spacious auditorium on the ground floor can fit depending on the layout a maximum of 120 people. It is suitable for conferences, training courses, film nights, formal receptions and other events. The auditorium is 151 m² and divided into two rooms by the screen door about 75,5 m².

Room capacity:

120 theatre style seats | 40-50 seats in U-shape | 50-70 classroom type seats

  • an option to divide the room with a screen door
  • an option to use multiple screens at once
  • coffee tables can be set near the wall
  • an option to have catering in additional rooms
  • dataprojector, integrated projector screen
  • option to use the house computer
  • sound equipment: speakers, microphone
  • easily movable desks on wheels
  • ecodesign chairs with removable padding
  • blackout drapes

Virtual tour of the auditorium.

The lecture room is on the first floor next to the kitchen. The room is 65,5 m² and depending on the layout it can fit 20-40 people. The bright lecture room is great for small seminars, meetings and events.

Room capacity:

40 theatre style seats | 20-30 seats in U-shape | 20-25 classroom type seats

  • the kitchen can be used to help with catering
  • the screen door between the lecture room and the kitchen can be opened to create one spacious room
  • integrated presentation technology: data, speakers, projector screen
  • easily movable desks on wheels

Virtual tour of the lecture room (and the kitchen).

Tartu Nature House has classrooms of various sizes that are perfect for small meetings, group projects, courses or as an additional room for catering. The classrooms are from 30 – 55 m² and they are generally used for hobby classes. The groud floor classrooms (Stone Room and Sun Room) can be used as one spacious room when the screen door is open.

Room capacity:

  • holds 12-20 people depending on the layout
  • dataprojector
  • chairs, tables
  • sound equipment
  • flipchart etc.
  • sink

Classrooms for rent:

Stone Room 55,0 m²

Sun Room 44,7 m²

Creativity Room 45,2 m²

We rent smaller classrooms on demand (30-40  m²).


Virtual tour of Stone Room and Sun Room.

Fully equipped kitchen cooking appliances and dishes. Perfect for cooking lessons, workshops and as an addition to catering. The kitchen can fit about 12 people on its own, but with the screen door open the kitchen and the lecture room form a more spacious room.

Room capacity:

  • 2 electric stoves, 2 induction cooktops, fridges
  • dishwasher
  • 2 sinks
  • electric kettles, toasters, hand blenders, microwave
  • coffee presses, thermos
  • pots, pans, bowls etc.
  • plates, utensils, glasses

Virtual tour of the kitchen (and the lecture room).

The workshop is on the ground floor, usually used for the hobby school woodworking and recycling classes. It can fit about 10-13 people.

The Adult Training Centre uses the room for ceramics courses.

The workshop is great for smaller woodworking and technical classes or recycling worksops. Different tools are available as is a pottery klin and a specific sink/drain.

Virtual tour of the workshop.