The workshop offers an opportunity for everyone to design 1 canvas bag using different techniques. You can make the bag nature themed (leaves, birds) or use symbols (potato print logo).

New ideas can refresh even an old canvas bag and make it personalised.

Number of participants: up to 12

Cost: 195 euros

Workshop has to be prebooked.

Additional information and booking:

We will be taking a look into the diverse world of nature cosmetics. There will be a discussion on why natural cosmetics are preferable, an overview of basic components of natural cosmetics, their attributes and effects on our skin.

Having discovered the magic of natural body care products and the softness of self made creams, you won’t be returning to cosmetics based on petroleum products!

Workshop 1: participants will be making their own body scrub, cream and lip balm.

Workshop 2: participants will be making their own body scrub, deodorant and lip balm.

Time: 1,5h

Cost: 330 euros

Group size: up to 12 people

Additional information and booking:

In this workshop we will be preparing truffles from organic, local, fair trade produce: cranberries, cherries, goji berries, nuts, cocoa, cinnamon, berry flour etc. For sweeteners we use dates, liquid honey or agave syrup. The balls will be rolled either in poppy seeds or in coconut flakes. After, we will be designing boxes from recycled materials.

Time: 1,5 h

Group size: up to 12 people

Cost: 295€

Additional information and booking: