Bodø-Tartu Duo Networking

Project name: Bodø-Tartu Duo Networking
Duration: until 31.12.2024
Budget: 9434.56€

Description: Bodø-Tartu Duo Networking Project is a project that aims at supporting cooperation between cultural institutions from Bodø and Tartu by creating a networking space (meetings, mobility, artists exchange, etc.) and single artists exchange between Bodø/Norway and Tartu/Estonia. The project is financed from the Norway Grant that is distributed by the Embassy of Norway in Tallinn (who also make final decisions on what specifically is covered by the support).

Tartu Nature House (TEEC) and Tartu Art School (TAS) are cooperating with Re Innovasjon and together they have formed a plan for artist recidency, collaboration seminars, meetings and plans to sustain collaboration after 2024.

The inclusion of institutions have been approved by the Embassy of Norway and is justified by Tartu 2024 and Bodø 2024, who have a close connection and certain authority over the partners in these activities.

The activities planned:
23.-26.20.2023 – Meeting in Bodø, planning a joint project
26.01.2024 – A joint project proposal was sent to Creative Europe
6.-8.05.2024 – Meeting in Tartu, networking among art schools network from Europe (by TAS) and exchange of experiences with microscopic ecocritical art workshop (by TEEC).
15.-25.08.2024 – Tartu artist in recidency in Bodø.
13.-22.09.2024 – Re-use Week event in Bodø where TEEC and TAS are providing workshops for public.
Around 20.12.2024 – Final meeting in Tartu Nature House. Conclusions, next steps.