Scandinavian Star Origami

Scandinavian Star Origami Workshop

The workshop values recycling and DIY methods, allowing you to learn how to craft a Scandinavian paper star also known as the Froebel star. We will be sharing simple folding methods for you to create personalised presents for yourself and others.

We will be discussing how to use materials available at home to create a homely atmosphere. Folding and crafting in a pleasant environment is suitable for all ages. This is a good opportunity to rejuvenate and take some time for yourself.

For every person the most important resource is time, hence homemade decorations and presents have a much larger meaning than something you can find at the store, made of plastic and shipped from over the sea. Your choices are essential and they shape the world around yourself, your children and even your grandchildren. Tartu Nature House supports a nature friendly lifestyle and allowing yourself to learn here, you will be supporting the sustainability of environmental education for both children and adults.

The workshop is run by Aili Elts:

“Paper as a medium is prevalent material and due to its accessibility it creates endless opportunities for self expression through art. Paper is used for sending good wishes, telling stories and creating beauty in Europe, Asia as well as America. Holidays are decorated with paper designs in every corner of the world; people are teaching their traditions and knowledge to the younger generation. Personally, I approach paper through graphics,  which are inspired by Japanese kiri. For me it is a creative freedom and opportunity to craft something from a sheet of paper simply sitting on the corner of the coffee table. Love for paper as well as the medium begun from the inside… using ordinary stencils to recycle old paper. In addition to cutting, I experiment with different folding methods and possible 3D designs also known as kirigami. Through various workshops I share my discoveries and methods of the fascinating world of paper with others.”

Group size: 12 people

The workshop is suitable for a friend group pr a collective. The workshop can take place at the Tartu Nature House or at your own preferred location. Contact for more information.

Time: 1,5-2 h

Price: 210 euros