Paper Graphics

A short trip to the magical world of paper. Enjoyable company and a fresh approach to paper, scissors and a scalpel. The activity brings participants out of their day to day life and is good for stress relief. While cutting the paper it is just not possible to worry about other things.

Paper Graphics 1: Cutting a decorative picture. We introduce an alternative use for flyers and other paper that would otherwise end up in the bin. We can create new memories through the objects we are crafting. By the end of the workshop, you will have a graphic  sheet which you can choose to design further into a card or a picture.

Paper Graphics 2: You can change the atmosphere of an entire room just by using a scalpel, paper and some imagination. In this workshop we introduce different paper cutting styles and with a little effort we will craft a lantern that fits on a wine glass.

Time: 1 hour

Group size: 10 people

Cost: 175 euros

Instructor: Aili Elts

Workshop has to be booked at From time to time we organise public workshops for individuals. Pay attention to our news page!