Allthings.bioPRO – Game changer in the bio-based economy (2020-2023)

Allthings.bioPRO – EU project develops serious game to interact with citizens on the topic of bioeconomy

Project Objectives:

  • Establish methods to foster awareness, participation and co-creation to ensure citizens’ feedback and inputs’ transfer towards the bio-based industry
  • Apply a smart combination of gamification, serious gaming, a mobile app and communication campaign to gather information and data derived by citizens on their ideas and priorities related to specific bioeconomy topics and of direct use for the bio-based industry and the Knowledge Centre for Bioeconomy
  • Exploit and further develop the Platform for bio-based economy communication to the broader public by linking it with the serious game, the smart phone app and a European Bioeconomy Citizen Action Network
  • Ensure engagement and uptake of results developed through an early and regular involvement of regional partners and citizens as well as of key bio-based economy stakeholders, policy makers and the Knowledge Centre for Bioeconomy


September 2020 – August 2023

Project Partners:

  • Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR e.V.) | DE (coordination)
  • BTG Biomass Technology Group BV | NL
  • Wissenschaftsladen Bonn e.V. | DE
  • Foundazione iCons | IT
  • nurogames GmbH | DE
  • Prospex Institute | BE
  • Institute of Baltic Studies | EE
  • Fashion for Good BV | NL
  • Stichting De Natuur – en Milieufederaties | NL
  • Tartu Environmental Education Centre | EE
  • Vetenskap & Allmänhet | SE
  • Laboratorio Interculturale di Ricerca e di Promozione della Condizione (H)umana | IT

More about the project:

Europe’s economy depends on oil and gas for energy and chemistry for all kinds of daily life products but the use of fossil-resources harms the environment and our climate. The bioeconomy offers a way out by providing industrial and consumer products made of biomass and waste. It will make Europe’s economy more sustainable, boost growth and create new jobs. We are at the eve of the transition from the fossil-based to a sustainable and circular bioeconomy.

This is a crucial moment for involving society in this societal and economic transition. Since all individuals, whether as citizens or consumers, will be affected, they should be able to play a role when shaping it. Citizens need to have a say in political decisions and agenda-setting processes in the bioeconomy. On the other hand, it goes without saying that the bio-based industry needs the input of citizens and consumers, to make sure that the products developed are in tune with consumers’ requirements and expectations.

Previous and ongoing projects and initiatives on national and European level have maintained focus on the raising of awareness of the broad public about bio-based products and the bioeconomy. However less has been done to steer the debate and to foster in-depth public dialogue. When introducing new production and consumption models, a debate needs to take shape, with an open space to raise concerns and fears related to it. Citizens have many questions about bio-based products. They are unfamiliar with the terminology which is often quite scientific, they have concerns about quality and functionality compared with traditional products and they demand answers about the sustainability of bio-based products.2 Information about all of this is available and efforts need to be continued and strengthened to have a sustainable and long-term impact on the general understanding and awareness among the general public. This is a precondition to enable citizens to become active contributors to the future development of the bioeconomy in Europe.


More information on the background of the project and about bio-based economy: